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Organizations use Lucid's BuildingOS data and analytics platform to optimize the performance of their buildings and teams.

More About Lucid

Lucid is making building management simple. We're helping organizations make data-driven decisions so buildings work better for operations and occupants. BuildingOS is the leading data and analytics platform that centralizes, integrates and provides insights into portfolio-wide building information for better collaboration across energy, sustainability, planning, asset management finance and operations teams. Lucid is headquartered in Oakland, California.

BuildingOS makes it easier for owners and operators to collect and use the data they have across their portfolio to uncover performance improvements, reduce costs and reporting burdens, improve occupant satisfaction, and transform the way they manage buildings.

BuildingOS, the leading cloud-based building management platform, integrates and aggregates portfolio-wide building and metering systems data for simple, collaborative analysis.

3 Funding Round(s) - US$17.33M Total Funding
Date Funding   Stage Investors
Jul 2014 US$15.68M Debt
Jan 2010 US$1.50M
Series A
Dry Creek Ventures
Series A Dry Creek Ventures
Aug 2009 US$150K Debt

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