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Exclusively for property investors, Seekology searches the country for outstanding property investment opportunities, evaluates their suitability as an investment and negotiates the price of a property on behalf of a buyer.

More About Seekology

The entire Seekology buyers agent service is free, saving buyers thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a traditional buyer's agent - which typically costs, at a minimum, $10,000.

Seekology has turned the buyer agents pricing model inside out. Instead of the purchaser paying for the service, Seekology is paid by the seller or the seller's agent. This allows Seekology to provide their service to investors for free.

Seekology sources and evaluates both established and new residential Australian properties. Seekology acts as a full service buyer's agent providing investors with only the best investment opportunities that exactly meet their personal investment criteria. Investors benefit by having a team of independent and unbiased property experts working solely for them, sourcing and negotiating the purchase of a property, bidding at auction and negotiating the best possible purchase price for the investor.

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