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2015 is a free web site and app that helps home buyers and investors find their next home.

More About realAs

Can't believe real estate agents? Get realAs. Property price predictions averaging within 5% of sold prices plus reports by buyers like you. Find homes on the web then get the realAs price.


- is a tool made by buyers, for buyers;
- provides accurate predictions of sale prices and a forum where buyers can exchange information about individual homes;
- uses a unique proprietary learning algorithm that has been developed over three years;
- reduces buyer stress and saves time and money; and
- is owned by its community

The company is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Current realAs algorithm price prediction accuracy is:

- realAs predictions are on average within 5% of final sale price
- 64% of predictions are within 5% of final sale price
- 89% of predictions are within 10% of final sale price
- 99% of predictions are within 20% of final sale price

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