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Type of Startups
United States
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Construction, Safety
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Rhumbix is a mobile platform designed to increase construction productivity and safety. We are the first company to use crew telematics to capture field data in real-time from worker's smartphones. The result is safer job sites, a reduced administrative burden, and more time at the work face.

More About Rhumbix

Success on construction projects is determined by the ability to effectively learn and adapt to continuously changing conditions. Our workforce telematics platform captures real-time field data from your crews and combines it with human input to ensure the data you are collecting is the data you need to deliver your projects under budget and on schedule. With Rhumbix you can expect safer jobsites, a reduced administrative burden, and more productive time at the workface.

2 Funding Round(s) - US$7.13M Total Funding
Date Funding   Stage Investors
Sep 2015 US$6.13M
Series A
Greylock Partners
Series A Greylock Partners
Aug 2014 US$1M Angel

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