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Fascinating data-oriented explorations into Australian suburbs. Free comprehensive property reports for any address in Australia.

More About Microburbs

Microburbs is a free, detailed and authoritative resource for Australian property seekers.

After many months of painstaking researching the property market for his own family, founder Luke Metcalfe decided there should be a website that in a single report provides all the information necessary for deciding whether to buy a particular property.

Property seekers can spend hours researching council PDFs, government spreadsheets, crime stats, planning data, school performance info and much more. Microburbs gathers all this information in one place and presents it in an easy to use format.

But armed with all that info, it's such a complex decision for buyers that Microburbs takes extra steps to ease the process.

It allows users to search by specific stats-based criteria rather than by suburb like other sites.

It also scores properties by various characteristics like convenience, tranquillity, lifestyle, hipness and family.

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