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Enlighted apps for HVAC and space optimization deliver an end-to-end enterprise IoT solution, empowering you to cut costs and maximize energy efficiency.

More About enlighted

Designed to give you more control over the buildings you manage, increase efficiency and make you smarter about virtually everything in your commercial spaces, Enlighted converts the abstract Internet of Things into something tangible.

Enlighted's mission is to help our customers reach long-range sustainability goals while saving money and increasing efficiency. Using our first-in-class sensor and analytics platform, we provide smart energy solutions for commercial buildings. Our technology reduces costs and improves the comfort of workspaces and the efficiency of the people who work in them.

Our solutions go beyond theory. Customers are saving millions in energy costs - up to 70% in some instances - while making smarter business decisions based on the actionable data we provide.

6 Funding Round(s) - US$80.63M Total Funding
Date Funding   Stage Investors
Feb 2016 US$25M
Series D
Tao Capital Partners
Series D Tao Capital Partners
Aug 2014 US$20M
Series D
RockPort Capital
Series D RockPort Capital
Apr 2013 US$20M
Series C
RockPort Capital
Series C RockPort Capital
Oct 2011 US$14M Venture -
Oct 2010 US$1.40M Venture -
Jul 2009 US$225K
Debt -

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