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Augmented reality solutions on-site and in the office. We are a mobile augmented reality architectural visualization company serving private design & development firms and the urban public process.

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We solve a range of specific problems for both the designer and the public by providing what appears to the viewer a full scale, interactive mobile hologram view on site.

Urban planning is always controversial and contentious, and pre-rendered still images don't help. Our unique augmented reality application lets you see your plans and their impact like shadows and line of sight perfectly registered on site, right before your eyes. You have complete freedom to walk around, look up and down and even walk into your virtual plan. Private developers get to woo high-net worth individuals with multiple photorealistic variations of their dream house plans integrated into their build site. Engineers and construction firms can walk through empty lots visualizing and cataloging every phase and layer of infrastructure as it's built to check against their specs.

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